The Siege of Sarajevo Museum - The Art of Living

Design and production of promotional video for “The Siege of Sarajevo Museum - The Art of Living 1992-1996” and live video mapping performance in Sarajevo, 05.04.2012.


The Siege of Sarajevo Museum – The Art of Living (FAMA Collection) project is launching a new way of interacting and learning about the phenomenon of the Siege of Sarajevo by focusing on the Art of Living. The Museum will be a unique depository of human knowledge – where human ingenuity, creativity and intelligence were captured amidst the urban post-cataclysmic realm. It is a heritage snap-shot of faces and voices that have shaped the longest siege in the modern history of mankind.



The objective is to bring the story of the Siege in juxtaposition with contemporary events, obstacles, fears and aspirations by mapping-out the facts, evidences, causes and consequences as educational reflections for 21st century. As such, the Museum aims to become a symbol and a monument to Human Mind – Achievement – Survival - Creativity – Ingenuity that was unveiled by Sarajevans during the four years of multi-level terror for the benefit of a global audience. This is evidence based project whose transfer of knowledge aims to equip individuals with capacity to respond to the 21st century Risk Society by inspiring them to seek meaning in their everyday lives. The Art of Living is today’s New Normal that can be learned and applied.


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