Srebrenica - Mapping Genocide and Post-Genocide Society

The knowledge of genocide is one of the most effective topics for examining fundamental moral issues and the structural study of human behavior. Thematic lectures and opening of dialogue strengthens reflection and builds awareness about the values of pluralism, encouraging acceptance of diversity in multinational and multicultural societies. As our contribution we are presenting the project/education pack “School of Knowledge: Srebrenica - Mapping Genocide and the Post-Genocide Society”, prepared in several formats: the video Documentary Animation, 38 minutes in length, is the fundamental item for mapping the genocide from early July 1995 to 19 July 1995. and a 60-minute video lecture consisting of two parts: mapping genocide and the post-genocide society. The lecture is based on the platform of the Documentary Animation and parts of the Public Lecture held on May 28, 2015 in Sarajevo. The lectures examined 12 aspects of genocide in Srebrenica and post-genocide society.

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Srebrenica - Mapping Genocide and Post-Genocide Society
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