Sarajevo’s City Hall Re-Opening

Video mapping performance (09.05.2014.) made in cooperation with Knap Studio, projected on Sarajevo’s City Hall building in front of few thousand people. Extremely challenging, artistically and technically, but also morally, within only several minutes, this video depicts very specific and very powerful historical breakdowns that happened in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, pointing to the abundant and versatile cultural and historical heritage, encompassing the period from before the construction of the City Hall until today.


This video mapping illustrates the birth of progressive ideas and their everlasting struggles against the powers of darkness. These positive ideas are symbolized by the ray of light that is pushed back from time to time, only to reappear and dominate again, that never disappears, and always and again finds its way back.



​“Sjećanja o sjećanjima”, a documentary television film by BHRT


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Sarajevo’s City Hall Re-Opening
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